A Social Impact Alliance of and 


A Social Impact Alliance of GOOD | Upworthy and Net Impact ︎

GOOD Institute:

  • Mobilizes forces for good in business and community

  • Activates engaged generations of young business leaders who prioritize good as a core business value

  • Presents science and fact-based information to the public, seeking to re-establish a common set of facts to inform our discourse

  • Builds stronger relationships between the private and nonprofit sectors

  • Enables collaboration and the infusion of purpose-driven decision making across both the private and nonprofit sectors

Our collective visions are complementary, and this new alliance gives us a path forward  to breakthrough growth. Our missions inspire and equip the next generation of leaders  to prove that businesses doing good is good business and can ensure a better, more  just, sustainable and prosperous future for all. GOOD Institute initiatives include:

  • Strategic Activations -  with almost three decades of experience developing unique approaches that inspire youth engagement and action in partnership with such major companies as 3M, AT&T, Best Buy, and Starbucks.

  • Fellowships -  engaging passionate and talented leaders to increase their capacity to affect world-changing issues. Fellows are supported by GOOD Institute to build collaborations between leading organizations across the sectors, foster community, and identify opportunities for tremendous impact.

  • Accelerators -  inspiring, empowering, and investing in the work of emerging experts with the potential for ground-breaking impact. Innovators receive funding, connections, and mentorship to deepen their impact and expand their reach.