A Social Impact Alliance of and 


A Social Impact Alliance of GOOD | Upworthy and Net Impact ︎

GOOD Institute leverages more than 45 years of the combined  experience and relationships of GOOD Worldwide, Upworthy and Net Impact to empower and influence millions of engaged citizens, students, corporations, employees, and activists throughout the world to create meaningful and lasting change.  Each organization brings a track record of excellence, issue and functional expertise, and unique perspectives to this new collaboration.

GOOD Worldwide is a B Corp mission-driven social impact company reaching millions of people every day through its award-winning media channels, Upworthy and GOOD, and offering business solutions which enable top corporate and philanthropic brands to drive awareness, social action and change.  Upworthy, its social media megaphone spreads meaningful content, reaching over 100MM a month to inspire and share the “best of humanity.”

Net Impact has an exclusive portfolio of 160,000 members across 350+ college campuses and local communities in over 40 countries who aspire to be effective drivers of economic, social, and environmental change through their chosen careers. Net Impact will continue to work with next-gen leaders in chapters around the world to empower social change within GOOD Institute.

Leaps.org -  an editorially independent media platform; features news and discussion about science, technology, ethics and the future of humanity. Leaps.org hosts the fastgrowing podcast, “Making Sense of Science” and a special multi-part series, “COVID Vaccines and the Return to Life.” Leaps.org is advanced by a consortium of like-minded partners including the Aspen Institute Science & Society Program, and supporters Bayer AG, the Rita Allen Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.